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14 Nov 2016

At first glance the elegant Three60 North townhome exterior design looks like an ordinary row of dormitory houses, but at closer look they’re marvelous structures of modern day living, reflecting some quaint yet cosmopolitan life in Texas. From the outside, wide windows and doors combine to create a regal design of a rectangular shaped apartment occasionally highlighted by patios with railings. 

On the whole the elegant Three60 North townhome exterior design is a secure and gated community, with well-paved paths, grass-green carpeted lawns, a wide concrete road within the apartment complex, and 2-storey buildings painted in attractive brown to light brown pastel color finish. 

From a distance, the entire site of the premium Three60 North apartments location appears like an inverted triangle, with the base of the triangle facing the north side of the wide swath of picturesque land composed of excellently-landscaped green meadows, well-paved paths, pockets of wooded areas, and lakes at the southside. Every resident has a great open breathing space, fresh clean air and clear surroundings here at Grand Prairie. 

Amidst the backdrop of greens – vibrant trees, plants and flowers, and a well-paved green grass carpet covering the front and back yards, the main building expresses a delightful color of light brown pastel in a hue of beige that can be mistaken for a house somewhere in Europe. 

Unlike other urban apartments that show might and force through high rise structures, the elegant Three60 North townhome exterior design reveals its strength in a balanced ecology of foreground and background, of man-made structures and natural scenery.

The façade of the 2-storey elegant Three60 North townhome exterior design is impressive, following the architectural and color patterns of its main office. The roofs reflect an American character reminiscent of the Texas of the 19th century, but converted into a modern style, with a balanced architecture of wide horizontal columns broken by deck-patios. 

The wide resort-style pool and kiddies’ pool presents a superb layout with sun large decks and spa. In the background are the apartments in close huddle to each other reflecting a sense of compactness without compromising the surrounding spaces, a truly marvelous way of expressing the elegant Three60 North townhome exterior design. 

The exterior is actually the extension of the visually loaded and appealing interior of the apartment with its fully furnished lavish appointments that include all steel black appliances, custom-designed kitchen cabinets, extended granite counters, wood floors for selected apartments, and other amenities.

The elegant Three60 North townhome exterior design speaks of stylishness, a sense of sensible artform and functionality that enhances a sense of zest and security for the residents. This is Three60 North Home Apartment at its best. Visit us now at

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